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BeOS & Derivatives The controversial discussion about the important of communications at the Haiku project continues, and seems to be heating up. The project recently announced a new marcom team, and now the team lead (Koki) is coming on strong to the developers. He claims that the new Haiku website now in development "looks awful, is disorganized, and it has no focus whatsoever", and proposes to fix it by organizing it into marketing and development areas managed by each group (plus an open community area). Read on for a short summary written by OSNews reader sogabe.
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What's the point?
by Methe on Sun 27th Aug 2006 17:19 UTC
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Was that really a news? Or some bad joke? Since when OSNews go read project's internal mailing list to show what people are talking about? And it is the stuppidest thing ever to hammer with Haiku news wich have no points. I'm really disappointed by OSNews here...

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