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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu is developing the "upstart", a replacement for the init daemon, the process spawned by the kernel that is responsible for starting, supervising and stopping all other processes on the system. The article compares upstart to Solaris SMF, Apple's launchd, and initng.
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RE: Too ambitious?
by evilrich on Sun 27th Aug 2006 18:54 UTC in reply to "Too ambitious?"
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> To what I understand, one of the long-term goals of
> Upstart is a remplacement for init and system
> services like at, cron and inetd. While I am
> perfectly aware that GNU's Not Unix, it seems to go
> against the Unix philosophy, which is "do one
> thing, do it well".

From my understanding, upstart does do one thing: to start and stop services in response to events.

I imagine events could include things like a particular time has occurred or a connection has been made to a particular network socket. That would be how it is able to replace at, cron and inetd as well.

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