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BeOS & Derivatives The controversial discussion about the important of communications at the Haiku project continues, and seems to be heating up. The project recently announced a new marcom team, and now the team lead (Koki) is coming on strong to the developers. He claims that the new Haiku website now in development "looks awful, is disorganized, and it has no focus whatsoever", and proposes to fix it by organizing it into marketing and development areas managed by each group (plus an open community area). Read on for a short summary written by OSNews reader sogabe.
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RE[3]: That's how marcom works
by axeld on Sun 27th Aug 2006 21:54 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: That's how marcom works"
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As already noticed, our website redesign is not about the look, it's about the content and maintainability. Our old website is outdated in many ways, and it's hard to change that, as only very little people have access to it, and it's very static.

While Koki is leading our marcom team, he needs to know what the vision behind Haiku is, what everyone involved expects from the new site, what it was trying to solve, etc. before he can work out his plans for the new site.
It's a heated debate, but that's just normal.

However, the links sogabe provided in reply [2] are a completely different topic. And I didn't really intend to pour more fuel into that discussion, I probably just expressed myself poorly :-)

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