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General Development Agile development methodologies might be the new fad in software design, but how much emphasis is there on secure code? Australian .NET developer and consultant at Readify, Rocky Heckman, reveals some concerns of agile development methodologies.
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My Opinion
by Clinton on Mon 8th Aug 2005 20:05 UTC
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I'm not an industry leader, a community contributor, or even somebody my neighbors know very well, but here's my opinion.

The most beneficial thing brought about by the Agile methodoly is book sales.

Seriously, I think that some concepts (like pair programming) are a good idea, but other than that...

Every project I've been involved with that used the Agile methodologies ended up just like projects that didn't use the Agile methodologies. They shipped, and in order to get them out the door we all had to stay overtime and pizza was brought in.

No difference in shipping schedules. No difference in quality. No difference in the time I had to spend staying late. No difference in the food that was brought in.

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