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Linux Red Herring interviews Eric Raymond. "Open-source advocate Eric Raymond on winning over the iPod generation, the need for open source to conquer hearts and minds beyond geekdom, and why Linux advocates don't have much time to beat Microsoft." Update by ELQ: Raymond shows signs of once more playing a bigger role in open-source circles. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols explains this change of strategy in as he knows Raymond personally.
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RE[7]: Nice...
by HappyGod on Tue 29th Aug 2006 04:40 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Nice..."
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I have never had any luck with xCHM either. One application being crap proves nothing other than that application is crap.

Actually, xCHM is OK once you sort out the dependency issues it has, which is kind of my point. And it isn't the only application I've had this issue with, it's just the latest one. I've also had similar issues with AMSN and the latest version of K3B.

Are you trying to tell us that "compile && make && make install" is difficult? You must not type letters much.

No, I'm not saying I find it diffucult, but that it would be difficult for a beginner. Having to do this is not acceptable, and when you compare it to MSI technology in Windows, it just doesn't stack up.

... got an error when it tried to uninstall the main driver packages. I once had to replace hardware because a killer Windows virus got in before I was able to download a virus checker.

Virus problems and driver issues are hardly relevant to a conversation about installer technologies.

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