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Windows eWeek's review of the latest Vista build is pretty positive: "On Aug. 25, Microsoft released to testers Vista Build 5536, the latest in a long line of sneak peeks at Microsoft's forthcoming desktop operating system. eWEEK Labs' tests of Build 5536 show that the operating system is gaining speed and losing quirks as its release nears." They also made a pretty screenshot gallery. In addition, everybody's favourite Microsoft Apple Microsoft zealot is also positive about this build.
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Re: Pffff.getting tired
by oxleyn on Tue 29th Aug 2006 11:40 UTC
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I'm with devnull on this one too, where in the article header does it say, "Windows is better than Linux - Bring on the Flame war"?!!!

I'm sure everyone here knows the virtues of Windows, Linux and OS X etc. etc. etc. That's why were read the articles posted and post our own comments, because we like to be informed and not to slag one OS off over another.

Come on guys, get with the programme! :-)

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