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Original OSNews Interviews Guy Martin is a distinguished member of technical staff within Motorola's Mobile Devices business. He helped establish, and works with groups inside of Motorola to better interface with the Open Source community. Guy also co-manages a version of inside of Motorola, to take advantage of the best practices of Open Source methodology within the company. Read in our interview with Guy below about the future of Motorola's Linux phones and expect later this week our review of the Linux-based RoKR-E2 feature phone.
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RE[2]: WIFI!
by jonnycat26 on Tue 29th Aug 2006 21:23 UTC in reply to "RE: WIFI!"
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Personally, I am more dissapointed that the Ming-A1200 doesn't have EDGE .

I was talking with a Moto engineer earlier this year, and asked if there would be a GSM version of the Moto Q anytime soon. Said engineer laughed and replied that the question was a popular one, but nobody would buy it because it would be very slow at downloading email and webpages. When I pressed a little further, the engineer admitted that Moto is (still) having trouble developing a good EDGE implementation.

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