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Windows With Vista, Microsoft is addressing what's become a sad truth for most people: PCs run more slowly over time. Vista will automatically de-fragment hard disks, make better use of memory to more quickly load programs, and include a new performance control panel that will identify performance bottlenecks, according to the company. Elsewhere, ActiveWin hosts widescreen, high-res screenshots of Vista.
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RE[4]: worthless flames
by hyper on Mon 8th Aug 2005 21:17 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: worthless flames"
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seriously thinking registries > text files. That also gave me a good laugh. text files can easily be rewritten and modified using GUI tools. and if you mess up, the application can simply generate another default text file.....instead of exploding like winXP.

now i really see you're clueless :]
i think you have heard what a database is, right? and maybe you even know what are diferences between databases and text files when you store data there. if you don't i will remind you: speed. the more data is stored, the bigger is speed difference.

now guess what: windows registry is a database. now think about the size of registry: yes, it is big.

btw windows kernel use registry to store its configuration and state. and it changes quite often. so think again - what good would text file be for this purpose? yea, you're right again - no good.

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