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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Beta versions of Mandriva 2007 have been appearing for a while now and the final release is coming soon. This short review covers the key changes introduced in beta 2. "Except for the software update which has been awaited by the Mandriva fans for a long time, there are no revolutionary changes or something that could put Mandriva 2007 in front of the competition. Still, not many distros provide such easy installation and configuration process. In Mandriva, almost all works out-of-the-box (including an MP# player) or network setup. And this is the reason I think Mandriva can be still recommended for the newbie users."
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RE: distro sweet spot
by darkmind on Wed 30th Aug 2006 00:34 UTC in reply to "distro sweet spot"
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sadly mandriva/mandrake was neglected and quality fell. its software feel out of date and its repositories started to fail too often. and they never really hired a graphic designer to sort out their themes.

They launch a graphic contest to ask community to provide theme, seems that not so many people do proposals :

i would love to run an i586/i686 linux distro with cutting edge and frequency updated software, using a small set of semi-official repositories that provided useful apps,

You can use cooker ( it's like debian unstable or Fedora Core release ). Or use a stable version with a media jholding backports :

moving to smart or apt would be great too.

There's no point. You can use smart and apt4rpm on Mandriva ( rpm are available ) with urpmi hdlist.
But urpmi is doing also all that you want. If there's a problem, 99% of the time it's a packaging bug and thus even smart or apt will faill ( they can't guess dependencies ).
Last but not least most Mandriva tools are in perl whereas smart is in python.

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