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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Like cold fusion or a painless weight-loss plan, a user-friendly version of Linux remains elusive. But developers are getting closer with Ubuntu - a free, Linux-based operating system that appeared in October 2004 and is winning over waves of converts, including high-profile geeks like Cory Doctorow."
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Hmm - I suggest you take up teaching - winning over the "this SUCKS" students is probably par for the course. No-one sitting in a history class who says this is going to be won over by re-writing history to suit them but they may very well be won over by a decent teacher with a decent teaching method.

Admittedly there are those who just do not want to learn and want to prevent others from learning - I guess in all honesty I would ask them to leave if they couldn't behave civilly, at the very least.

But no teacher is better than the way he can equally civilly (and rationally) deal with next "dumb question". Why is French history different from German history is probably best countered, not by pointing to just Bismarck, but also by explaining the French Revolution. It sounds like a jackass question, but there's not a bad point in it. Countering by saying "it just is you dumb...." gets nowhere, and goes nowhere.

To revert to my original open question, Linux on the *desktop* is I suggest probably only Esperanto right now, Windows is English, OSX, Spanish, OS2 and BeOS Latin and Greek respectively, etc. Esperanto is a great idea (well, it was until various other people decided that they wanted their own universal language, and created a set of new ones...). It has everything a language could need, except speakers in numbers and effective and numerous translators. The question is still valid when put to Linux advocates (and remember, I personally would love to speak Linux fluently), why would anyone speaking English need to learn Esperanto?!! ;)

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