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ReactOS In the past, I've installed ReactOS to show my students a Microsoft alternative. The performance was slow and there was not much to do. This latest revision offers more! For my review, I used the freeware VMWare Player since I was using the company server. I'm the only one who knows how to use it.
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GUI looks..
by Saquatch666 on Thu 31st Aug 2006 07:40 UTC
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more like KDE than Windoze,but if will eventually run Windoze software I'm all for it,my main concern it will they make it so it will run Windoze games and media&graphics apps,Open Office or even GoBe Productive are plenty good enough for most home users(Big Biz buys MS anyways so why cater to them),,the common people that would benefit from this want to edit pictures, watch and record movies,let their kids play games readily available on CD,convert MP3 and load their players,scan photos,print greeeting cards,surf the net,etc.Thats what average folks do with PC's,not a bunch of office work)Trust me,down on the street level this is what a PC has become,An entertainment center/communication/education device,and I forsee (when the price of large plasma displays come down)the PC taking the place of the television and stereo in the living rooms of America,I have already built boxes to to this effect with TV cards and output into stereo amps but the bottleneck is finding a cheap hi-rez screen large enough to make it worthwhile,but i ramble on ...LOL

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