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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless once again kindly stepped up and sent us in the next-generation Motorola Linux-based ROKR-E2 feature phone. In the tradition of the ROKR devices, the E2 is also built around the idea of music on the go, while it's the first Linux phone to have an initial retail cost smaller than $256. Read inside for our detailed review, video and pictures.
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Impressions after a month
by dcbw on Thu 31st Aug 2006 11:58 UTC
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I was able to get a China Mobile branded version about a month ago; the black version with 850/1800/1900 bands. Firmware R564_G_12.01.27P. One thing I don't like is the interface lag... There's a split second between a button press and the action, especially in the music player. That seemed to get better once I used a faster SD card though.

I've found battery life to be quite good when the phone is used just as an MP3/AAC player and FM radio. Usually don't have to recharge more than once every 2 or 3 days. The music player has some odd behaviors though; it doesn't recognize iTunes-ripped AAC/M4A file tags, leaving the songs unorganized. It also doesn't have any ability to order songs by track number, meaning you have to prefix the filename with the track number to get album ordering. Skipping tracks takes a split second. For the radio, it would be better if a quick press of the joystick skipped between presets rather then just incrementing the frequency, though that's debatable.

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