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Gentoo is reporting on the release of Gentoo Linux 2006.1. Building on the strengths of previous releases and featuring all of Gentoo's well-documented flexibility, performance and portability, this release is now available on all supported architectures. The most popular architectures now use GCC 4.1, glibc 2.4 and baselayout 1.12.1, as well as including a new profile layout, with seperate desktop and server profiles.
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re: aww
by bobjohnsonmilw on Thu 31st Aug 2006 14:49 UTC
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I love other distros, but gentoo definitely fills an important niche. And that niche, in many ways, is under appreciated. We're not all "ricers." To me, Gentoo makes freedom more accessible.

I couldn't agree more. I recently tried bringing an old laptop to life. Fedora - hated it, ubuntu - hated it, whoppix - i like but i'll stick with gentoo.

HA! this coming from me, a former MS addict. I finally understand what they've been saying about command line interfaces! sheesh, i am a geek.

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