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Linspire Starting today, Linspire does not only offer a free OS, but also its CNR Basic service. " Linspire, Inc., developer of the commercial desktop Linux operating system of the same name and Freespire, the free community desktop Linux operating system, announced the immediate change in pricing for its popular CNR Service from an annual subscription fee based offering to a completely free service." CEO Carmony said: "We're thrilled to now be in a position to offer this excellent service to desktop Linux users absolutely free. CNR really makes using desktop Linux easy, and we want everyone to have access to this quality service."
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My response...
by Kevin_Carmony on Thu 31st Aug 2006 15:02 UTC
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I also don't like about this that you've posted this mysteriously on the freespire wiki and then left forum users figure out what it was. Thats what i call (excuse the language) attention whoring.

I call it having some fun. It's what a community should do. The Freespire community is certainly different than most, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. =)

I consider CNR to be a package manager, similar to other software we consider package managers. Nothing of what I said was negative just a hope that you guys look to improve a project instead of starting a new one.

We usually try to participate in existing projects, unless we can't find one that is far enough along. For example, we participate and sponsor Mozilla/Firefox, KDE, ReiserFS, GAIM, Kopete, etc., but we started new projects with Nvu, Lsongs, Lphoto, and CNR, simply because we didn't think there was something far enough along (in the directions we felt needed going).

If no one ever can start a new open source project, Linux will be a very boring (and restrictive) world to live in.

I still donīt see how you expect to profit by doing this, Kevin, as most people surely will avoid to buy the CNR Gold stuff unless they really have to, but I congratulate you guys anyway.

Actually, CNR basic was a pretty small percentage of our revenue. Most came from Gold (purchased 3 to 1 over basic), and click and buys. If this change increases our user base a little, it will more than make up for the loss in revenue. There are many ways to skin a "free" cat. Look at Google, Craigslist, MySpace, etc., all free, and all worth more than any Linux company.

When 1.1 comes out in a couple months I would hope that people will be able to access newer packages.

They will. Freespire 1.0 was just the first release. I think we're starting off from a pretty strong place, and it will only get better.

They won't get free LINSPIRE OS upgrade versions but since freespire is free of charge they can certainly have the latest and greatest freespire at no charge.


I have the impression that Linspire is a lot bigger in North America than it is here in Europe (correct me if I'm wrong).

About 60% of our users are in N. America, but we do have many throughout Europe. will show you maps of where new Linspire computers light up each week.

Keep in mind, the main way Linspire is distributed is pre-installed on computers (OEM's).

We have stronger OEM support in some countries than others.

Do you think someday you might be selling complete systems in Europe?

We already do. Check the link above. Medion, a huge OEM there, sells Linspire PC's, as do others.

Why don't you launch, say, a bright yellow, XGL/Compiz ready Linspire laptop or something, instead of the eternal greyish boredom out there?

Because that would cost a lot of money. We don't sell computers, only software. It's up to the OEM's to do all the PC building. However, there are some pretty cool designs out there running Linspire. My personal favorite is the Koobox Mini. Under 3 lbs, very quiet, yet decent power and speed. I have these throughout my home. I love 'em!

Ah yes there is always someone out there to pull the "you don't act professional" card out of their ***.

Gotta have a sense of humor, or life's not much worth living.

Kevin, thank you for taking the time to reply. Its wise, and its generous too.

Happy to.

Anyway, I think the only way Freespire would appeal to people like me who like bleeding edge is to have the latest versions of all the core programs.

That will be Freespire 1.1, later this year.

Well if he didn't then yes I play the card. He calls something fud that I offered a link to the linspire website that specifically indicates it is hard to run as anything but root in linspire. Which would indicate it isn't complete fud and has some merit and basis and I think they should stop trying to sidetrack anyone that brings up problems and just state the issue and how it is being corrected.

I just hate those CEO's who don't respond to every forum post on the web within one hour!!! (I do sleep now and then. =)

I run Freespire and Linspire as a user and rarely bump into a problem. I can't think of the last time I ran as root. EVERY distro has certain applications or drivers that don't play well unless running as root. Just like every other distro, we do all we can to minimize the pain there. I can find similar problems with any Linux distro. If I ever stop having a life, I'll spend some time and go do that. =)

There really is fresher FUD out there for you to use. I mean, we kill puppies over here ya know. ;-)

They're NOT trying to appeal to "people like you who like bleeding edge programs." New Linux converts will favor stability over bleeding edge.

Actually, with Freespire we will be more on the bleeding edge of things (starting with 1.1). But yes, Linspire will always lean towards stable.

Some good points made about stability and up-to-date apps.

Freespire has only been a project for a few months. Give us a few more, and this will no longer be a topic for discussion.

"there are no free lunches".

But there are ways to get others (advertisers, OEM's, ISV's, etc.) to buy you lunch. Google, MySpace, Craigslist, Freespire, CNR, etc.

Thank you, Thank you. I was starting to f--king twitch when I read that. I seriously have to wonder how Linspire ever expects to be taken seriously when their fearless leader and lead mouthpiece is so ignorant of any details of how Linux works.

Because I have other strengths, like understanding how the average human being works, and it's not at all how Linux usually works. 95% of the world wants to simply turn on their computer and it works. That seems to be something many in the traditional Linux community don't understand. I don't assume people have nothing better to do but learn how to get their computer to work, or call them dumb if they don't want to spend time learning how to hack their PC.

It's actually nice to see Kevin Carmony on OSNews. This actually says a hell of a lot in my book.


Now, I was wondering how you are going to continue to provide the proprietary stuff (like DVD, MP3 Players) on CNR now that you are no longer charging for it?

CNR has always had the capability to sell proprietary software. That won't change. The SERVICE is now free, which lets you install some 20,000 applications and packages, but you still would have to buy the commercial stuff...DVD Player, StarOffice, CodeWeavers, etc.

"you're write about Ubuntu" - right or correct but not "write" -using text to speech software?

That's what happens when you "right" too fast. ;-)

(and the forum doesn't let you edit the following morning. =)


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