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ReactOS I downloaded a few VMware images for use in VMware player. The mouse (a PS/2 type) did not work either in ReactOS or in Syllable, but did work in PC-BSD (all in VMware Player). Later, I downloaded the install-cd iso of ReactOS and burned it to a CD. The image is a tiny download (19MB uncompressed), so it didn't take long. I intended to install ReactOS on a laptop and desktop.
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No offense...
by jchildrose on Thu 31st Aug 2006 19:16 UTC
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... but it's an ALPHA! The version number is 0.3 (zero point three).

Honestly, what did you expect? Did you expect a barely functioning operating system to able to properly deal with LVM? Or have better support for your network card at this early stage? Did you expect an alpha OS to have a wealth of recovery tools?

It seems as though you have gone through great pains to disguise a nasty little diatribe about a promising operating system that is still in the very early stages of development as an honest-to-goodness article, and throwing in a jab or two at Microsoft while you were at it.

Got your point - you think Linux is great, and you hate Windows and anything that resembles windows - you even say that in your bio. So do I, but I don't need to go around trashing a pre-alpha FOSS clone of it. Next time, why not write an insightful article about what you do like, instead of a vicious rant about an unfinished operating system.

--just my loose change.

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