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NetBSD "NetBSD runs on more hardware platforms than any other UNIX derivative due to smart design decisions and a commitment to portable code. Whether you're porting an operating system to a proprietary embedded system or looking for stability and compatibility across hardware platforms in the lab, NetBSD and its open license is a compelling alternative to Linux and the GNU Public License."
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RE: The evolution of BSDs...
by Brandybuck on Thu 31st Aug 2006 19:25 UTC
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FreeBSD still has superb real-world performance stability. There were some problems with early 5.x releases, but all of those were clearly labeled unstable. On the same system 6.1 has superior performance to 4.11. Since I've never seen FreeBSD crash, ever, I can't comment on any differences in stability.

Whether or not NetBSD or OpenBSD is a smidgeon or iota better in one benchmark versus another is irrelevant.

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