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Linspire Starting today, Linspire does not only offer a free OS, but also its CNR Basic service. " Linspire, Inc., developer of the commercial desktop Linux operating system of the same name and Freespire, the free community desktop Linux operating system, announced the immediate change in pricing for its popular CNR Service from an annual subscription fee based offering to a completely free service." CEO Carmony said: "We're thrilled to now be in a position to offer this excellent service to desktop Linux users absolutely free. CNR really makes using desktop Linux easy, and we want everyone to have access to this quality service."
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RE[5]: Wow!
by deanlinkous on Thu 31st Aug 2006 20:16 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Wow! "
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"Remember what they are saying is that it works better compared to other versions of Linux. As I stated in my last post, when you install Linspire (And much more with Freespire now) you don't have to spend hours getting all the normal stuff like flash and java and some plug and play etc to work.

First that is NOT what they are saying, they are saying exactly what I stated. I think it is even trademarked. Second of all it doesn't 'work' better. Yes it may in some areas and in some ways yet falls short in others - like sound (jackd) and the browser and other areas like boot time.

Yes they did have a problem with that in the past, PAST being the key word here. And who knows how long ago this post was entered. Linspire 4 maybe? It doesn't say.
No that isn't the past. Have a user install it today and unless they know about linux they will likely end up as a user and if they try to run as a user they will have to resort to those same 'elite hacker skills' that they criticise other distros for requiring to get things to work. If you look closely you will see that the screenshot shows 2005.

You could always use APT because it's Debian under the hood! The problem was always that if you use APT repositories outside of Linspire it would conflict if you then went back to use CNR. Even that problem is being resolved now. But you could always use APT in Linspire.
No you could not use apt on linspire and expect things to work. There is no fud to it. If you use apt you were installing software in incorrectly. As stated you had a OS but had no way of installing software in a supported manner unless you also pay a yearly fee. I think you are fudding against Xandros there - you better go check on the differences. But even if it was true - just because xandros is bad too doesn't somehow make linspire alright either.

I mean is this any different then Steve Jobs or Bill Gates keynote speaches
good point! I agree it is just like those people and those companies. ;)

No it is because they took the 'we are in it to make money' and nothing else matters approach.

I am completely put off of anything *spire now so I will quit commenting completely on this subject. The same attitude remains and the same shortcomings so I take back that I said things are changing. Obviously the more things change the more they stay the same.

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