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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless once again kindly stepped up and sent us in the next-generation Motorola Linux-based ROKR-E2 feature phone. In the tradition of the ROKR devices, the E2 is also built around the idea of music on the go, while it's the first Linux phone to have an initial retail cost smaller than $256. Read inside for our detailed review, video and pictures.
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OGG Vorbis on wearable devices
by fejack on Thu 31st Aug 2006 22:39 UTC
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OGG Vorbis is possibly one of the best audio formats. I have experienced it first hand last summer when I tried to compress a 10 minute speech. The lowest quality in OGG still sounded fine whereas a similar MP3 had become unbearable.

Yet the main thing about OGG is that it is slightly more demanding on the processor compared to other formats. On a powerful personal computer, that goes unnotices, but on a wearable device with a modest processor, one can expect the battery to run dry a little bit faster with OGG. This is probably why Motorola (and many wearable juke-box makers) rule it out.

My song collection is getting close to 1750 titles, but just like you, I have it all in OGG and I would rather be able to copy them on a portable player without any change.

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