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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Improvements: "New 3D desktop support (both with AIGLX and Xgl) and a new tool to configure it (drak3d); new 'One' CD with 3D desktop support (AIGLX and Xgl, both on KDE and GNOME, autodetection of the best 3D solution); new rpmdrake; more applications migrated to XDG menus; GNOME 2.16 RC1; kernel 2.6.17 (based on with ALSA 1.0.12 rc2); KDE 3.5.4; new 'Ia Ora' Mandriva theme (still only included in GNOME); new VPN configuration tool (drakvpn); new firewall." Get it from the mirrors.
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RE: Mandriva is still alive ?
by opkool on Fri 1st Sep 2006 16:22 UTC in reply to "Mandriva is still alive ?"
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I like 1 release a year. It's waaaay easier to be able to work with Linux vs just keep installing Linux

I believe Mandriva did a poll among it's paying customers, and most of us (I'm a paying customer) wanted a 1-year release cycle.

For latest-version addicted users[*] there's always cooker, which is a lot of fun

[*] I was one of those before ;)


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