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General Development "Twilight is an imperative, object oriented, general purpose programming language. The guiding principles of Twilight are simplicity, practicality, and orthogonality. It is a language which is easy to learn and to be productive in. An experienced programmer in Python, Java, C# or C++ will be able to pick up Twilight in a short period of time."
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Here's a quote from the Mongrel's author:
"I also really like this tiny fast little Java webserver called Simple. When I started Mongrel I studied Simple and adopted it’s Handler setup. Simple’s got some other odd features–like parsing responses to correct them–but still remains remarkably small and fast. If I were ever going to do a Rails competitor in Java, Simple would be at the center."

Take a look at that Java's Simple web server and make something like it, with some basic "Servlet-like" capability. I'm sure it should be useful.

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