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Windows Microsoft's Windows Vista RC 1 is done. Now it's up to the estimated 6 million testers to which the company is planning to release the code to determine if it really is ready for prime time. Microsoft has posted the RC 1 build, Number 5600, on its TechBeta Web sites for select technical beta testers, including TAP partners, on September 1. Microsoft is planning to broaden the beta to include up to six million participants, total, some time next week, according to industry sources. Cnet has a video introduction to Vista RC1. Elsewhere, people are going bonkers over Vista's... Start up sound. Major Tom to ground control?
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RE[2]: Nice...
by tiiim on Sat 2nd Sep 2006 09:18 UTC in reply to "RE: Nice..."
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"Perhaps Vista is so underwhelming that the startup sound 'controvesy' is the only thing to discuss. Vista is pretty underwhelming."

Are you looking at RC1? According to many reviews RC1 is actually a pretty slick system that may actually help MS reach that 900-times-proposed release date! Maybe its more likely since there nothing majorly "stuck up" (at the moment) with RC1 people just have to debate a stupid start up sound rather than security, stabilitiy, incompatbility... because MS have "appeared" (so far) to have sorted that..

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