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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Unless you have been living in a cave somewhere in Redmond you would no doubt have heard of Ubuntu and its many derivatives, touted as 'Linux for human beings'. Ubuntu has become the darling of the Linux media and has stolen the limelight from other prominent distributions such as the stalwart Red Hat and, the now Novell owned, SuSE. The question is why?" More here.
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RE: What on earth!
by Savior on Sat 2nd Sep 2006 20:43 UTC in reply to "What on earth!"
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So this person believes they could sit a secretary down in front of Enlightenment or Mezzo and get them to be productive?! KDE and Gnome are now very mature DEs with so much to offer in terms of consistency, great applications and well thought out technical architecture. The author needs to spend time reviewing all the usability testing conducted by Novell; watch the videos and see just how joe public reacts to a linux DE.

I fail to see the problem with Enlightenment (I do not know Mezzo). It is a window manager, not the whole system, so if the programs are there, what difference does it make? It has a taskbar, a clock, workplace switcher, etc. I don't remember anything that I saw on my default Dapper desktop that I couldn't find in E, aside from the icons of mounted devices. (Of course, I am talking about E17 here.) Only looking 200% better and being 200% faster (may be an understatement).

Now it even has the Ubuntu (FDO) menu. Ok, it was added
just recently, but we are talking about 'what if'-s here...

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