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General Development "Twilight is an imperative, object oriented, general purpose programming language. The guiding principles of Twilight are simplicity, practicality, and orthogonality. It is a language which is easy to learn and to be productive in. An experienced programmer in Python, Java, C# or C++ will be able to pick up Twilight in a short period of time."
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yeah ...
by gnemmi on Sat 2nd Sep 2006 22:34 UTC
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I still remember the good old days .. in which people would have the decency to say "thank you!" in appreciation of your effort ..

even if they didn't like it .. even if they didn't use it .. there was the notion that "nothing comes out of nothingness", and that if there was something (anything) it was the result of somebodies work ...

hope those days come back ... for the sake of us all ..

Thanks for sitting there and getting something done Craig .. I whish there where more people like you out there.

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