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Linux It's that time of the year again. "If 'a year of GNU/Linux on the desktop' is defined as a year when GNU/Linux has finally started its steady encroachment to the desktop then 2006 is the year. A lot of users have started using GNU/Linux on their desktops long before, but it is 2006 which marked the two probably biggest GNU/Linux desktop releases to date, Ubuntu Dapper and Novell SuSE 10. It is 2006 which marks the biggest opportunity for GNU/Linux to steal the desktop market share from Windows due to the bad reputation behind the pending Windows Vista release. And the eyes and focus of both the GNU/Linux community and major GNU/Linux corporations such as Novell are fixed on that opportunity. Novell marketing is true: 'Your Linux is ready'."
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RE[3]: Hey
by orfanum on Sun 3rd Sep 2006 13:00 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Hey"
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Actually, I was making reference to the compression utility, not the Linux distro, i.e:

second, I was following the exact instructions at:

on a clean install of Kubuntu 6.06

I know this is not a user forum - I was merely using a concrete illustration, albeit in some frustration, to show that using Linux, including the distributon which is frequently touted as the most user-friendly, isn't always up to expectations as a desktop experience.

I hope that unpacks the scenario for you a little

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