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Amiga & AROS The Amiga changed the computer industry. It was based on a multitasking operating system, rivaled the graphics power of some workstations and was affordable enough for home users. Unfortunately, Commodore struggled to maintain Amiga's lead, and through a number of bizarre business decisions (refusing to license the Amiga design to Sun), went bankrupt. Read about the history of the Commodore Amiga at Low End Mac.
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RE[2]: The real history
by the_leander on Sun 3rd Sep 2006 19:56 UTC
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Stay tuned for Big Bash 4 (September 16th) and Pianeta Amiga (23rd and 24th of September) for hardware news. "

You really are a credulous bunch. There is no hardware, there was never any hardware and never will be any hardware whilst this current lot are in charge. (I will happily apologise if this turns out to be false, however, given how many "just two more weeks" style comments that have come out of the assess that hold the Amiga IP, I'm on fairly safe ground here).

Amy... 05, you guys were promised some pics, that there would be non working demos, what did you get? Nothing.

Unless you have news of a port to pegasos, or that you've convinced the guy who wrote Amitholon to break out his voodoo again to do for PPC miggies what his original creation did for 68k... AmigaOS 4 is dead.

Seriously, wake up. You're embarressing.

To other posters re the Amiga in the US. I'd always been told that there was a far bigger market in the EU and Japan then there was in the US. Seems the market in the US was bigger then I was led to believe. I stand corrected!

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