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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Unless you have been living in a cave somewhere in Redmond you would no doubt have heard of Ubuntu and its many derivatives, touted as 'Linux for human beings'. Ubuntu has become the darling of the Linux media and has stolen the limelight from other prominent distributions such as the stalwart Red Hat and, the now Novell owned, SuSE. The question is why?" More here.
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I do see your point. From my point of view though, if I am right and "Joe User" really couldn't care less what OS he/she is running as long as it familiar and works. Then we will never ever hear from him what he/she is after, simply because there is no reason for him to get involved in the debate.
Effectively I think it goes back to what I stated before, "Joe Users" is making their opinion known every day when they buy the PC with Windows installed and potentially spends the extra money on the Office Pack.

I don't know what the solution to this whole thing is but I'm slowly learning what the rest of the community already knows. Linux' biggest problem is that it's users rather want to argue over the merits of vi over pico than embrace the freedom of choice that is created and accept that there are people choosing both.

Thank you for the score ;O)

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