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OSNews, Generic OSes 12 years after the project was conceived, and after a long period in which it was useable though incomplete, FreeDOS has reached version 1.0. The ISO is downloadable at SourceForge. Versions with more extras should be available soon, as should a mail-order option.
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RE[2]: 12 years!
by Coxy on Mon 4th Sep 2006 11:50 UTC in reply to "RE: 12 years!"
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"and lot of business run on it."

Name one... a serious one, one that's likely to get the world talking about FreeDos, not a diy shop in your village that only uses dos because they never made enough money to update their computers.

I'm sure the BT's and AT&T's of this world can't wait to get their hands on this... now all those 286's they've been keeping underwraps waiting for this day can finally get polished and switched on...

12 Years.... I say again 12 years... maybe it's a spelling mistake? It must be v0.1. We can't seriously expect them to have reached version 1 in just 12 years - that's crazy. Who have they got as programmers? The same people coding Duke Nukem Forever?

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