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OSNews, Generic OSes 12 years after the project was conceived, and after a long period in which it was useable though incomplete, FreeDOS has reached version 1.0. The ISO is downloadable at SourceForge. Versions with more extras should be available soon, as should a mail-order option.
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RE[3]: 12 years!
by TechGeek on Mon 4th Sep 2006 12:38 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: 12 years!"
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OK. GKN. Its a powdered metal company. They have a lot of older machines that cost millions of dollars to buy, which are old and run a dos based interface. No your not going to see a lot of use in modern companies. But there are still thousands of companies that have older production and engineering machinery that all run through dos. Whether its for control, calibration, diagnostics, or what, DOS is still out there in more places than you might think.

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