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OSNews, Generic OSes 12 years after the project was conceived, and after a long period in which it was useable though incomplete, FreeDOS has reached version 1.0. The ISO is downloadable at SourceForge. Versions with more extras should be available soon, as should a mail-order option.
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RE[3]: 12 years!
by n0xx on Mon 4th Sep 2006 19:38 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: 12 years!"
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MSI uses FreeDOS to host they're bios updater since that's the only way to do it on some older MBs. They've used it successfully for some time... 6 years at least.

Yup, 12 years is a lot of time. You should however keep in mind that it took MS 15 years to develop they're own implementation of DOS that, as I'm sure you know, was bought from some guy in Seattle, was originally named QDOS and was already functional. Also note that the final stand alone version of MS-DOS (6.22) had less features than FreeDOS. OSS has not only beaten MS timeframe by two years, it has also achieved better results.

Know your facts.

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