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Privacy, Security, Encryption "Jon Ellch was one of the presenters of the now infamous 'faux disclosure' at Black Hat and DEFCON last month. Ellch and co-presenter Dave Maynor have gone silent since then, fueling speculation that the entire presentation may have been a hoax. Ellch finally broke the silence in an email to the Daily Dave security mailing list over the weekend, and one thing is clear: he is chafing under the cone of silence which has been placed over the two of them."
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RE[2]: Patronizing
by neowolf on Tue 5th Sep 2006 00:09 UTC in reply to "RE: Patronizing"
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I think that's not really that reasonable honestly. I mean the position is that if you decided to actually prove your claims the opposition would just deny reality in the face of your evidence. Which while that in itself is indeed quite a possibility and comes up in many arguments these days concerning topics such as religion.. it doesn't seem to fly that well when we're talking about something this simple. If you have something pretty fantastic but refuse to prove it because you don't think anyone will believe you, typically you just look like a nut. As a Mac user and a rather big fan honestly, if he can prove this I want to freaking know. I don't care about Apple's rep on this. If the problem's real I want a fix. However this story just keeps getting more convoluted and harder to believe.

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