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Original OSNews Interviews Magnatune is the non-evil record label who gives away 128 kbps mp3s of all their artist's songs for free. You can then choose (or not) to purchase DRM-free higher quality versions at a price you set and they allow you to share their purchased songs with 3 friends. The label splits revenues 50/50 with their (carefully picked) signed artists, while these artists keep all of the rights to their music with a non-exclusive contract. Today, we are very happy to feature an interview with John Buckman, the founder and owner of Magnatune, to help us understand better their revolutionary business model.
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RE: Awesome.
by Bonus on Tue 5th Sep 2006 15:58 UTC in reply to "Awesome."
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About Indie music. To me automatically it's not Indie music if it's on the Internet since Indie music is such a local limited sound to me.

I have listened to some of the bands and I forgot the name but one Rock band is very good and experimental. Good quality. Bands don't really get into their sound until the 3rd album as you need a consistant medium for honing it.

I also really think it's the environment like if this record company can really link these bands to the proper recording producers. And the recording is affordable. I think today there is a great venue for more cost effective prodcution though too. Like $3,000 for a good recording at a local recording studio. Is it higher now? It should be affordable and that way newbie producers can get in too.

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