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Original OSNews Interviews Magnatune is the non-evil record label who gives away 128 kbps mp3s of all their artist's songs for free. You can then choose (or not) to purchase DRM-free higher quality versions at a price you set and they allow you to share their purchased songs with 3 friends. The label splits revenues 50/50 with their (carefully picked) signed artists, while these artists keep all of the rights to their music with a non-exclusive contract. Today, we are very happy to feature an interview with John Buckman, the founder and owner of Magnatune, to help us understand better their revolutionary business model.
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Very Promising
by MechaShiva on Tue 5th Sep 2006 16:08 UTC
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This is excellent because even if it's moderately successful, it will apply pressure on traditional labels to re-examine their current business models. They have long been able to operate with impunity because the only place you could get their product was their retail outlets. Realistically, that changed with the internet yet their approach has not. A business that has resorted to suing its own customers is truly a business in a failing industry. And before anyone says "They're not suing their customers, they're suing leechers", well, anybody who downloads a Britney Spears song has probably already purchased an album and decided it wasn't worth it so they are in fact customers.

I guess it's just really nice to see a company that respects its customers and just as refreshing to see artists whose top priority is getting their music heard and not become 'rock stars'. As a musician myself, it's nice to know there are distribution options available that don't require you to relinquish your soul to be heard. Keep up the great work.

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