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Original OSNews Interviews Magnatune is the non-evil record label who gives away 128 kbps mp3s of all their artist's songs for free. You can then choose (or not) to purchase DRM-free higher quality versions at a price you set and they allow you to share their purchased songs with 3 friends. The label splits revenues 50/50 with their (carefully picked) signed artists, while these artists keep all of the rights to their music with a non-exclusive contract. Today, we are very happy to feature an interview with John Buckman, the founder and owner of Magnatune, to help us understand better their revolutionary business model.
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I know the old way is a tiotally tierd system with like a few singers at the top.

With the new system I want to able able to hear regular bands just jamming and experimenting. There could be more collaberation as well and less time for musicians to leave and start new bands. Today it seems bands are locked in and it's hard to do reunions.

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