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Privacy, Security, Encryption "Jon Ellch was one of the presenters of the now infamous 'faux disclosure' at Black Hat and DEFCON last month. Ellch and co-presenter Dave Maynor have gone silent since then, fueling speculation that the entire presentation may have been a hoax. Ellch finally broke the silence in an email to the Daily Dave security mailing list over the weekend, and one thing is clear: he is chafing under the cone of silence which has been placed over the two of them."
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RE: Huh???
by neowolf on Tue 5th Sep 2006 16:21 UTC in reply to "Huh???"
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Honestly I have met a handful of Mac users that before I opened my mouth thought that OS X meant they were completely from the possibility of a virus or serious security problem. (And they may not have believed me when I said no!) I actually do thing there is a level of Mac user that needs to be taken down a peg on this very subject and the original goal of this hack with either to do just that or get a great deal of attention. Of course if this was indeed a stretched out farce as it's looking like it may be, than not only has this completely backfired but I'm sure it's inflated some egos all the more!

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