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General Development With the free Turbo Explorer line, Borland brings programming to the masses. Each of the four Turbo Explorer 'personalities' targets a different combination of programming language and platform: Turbo Delphi and Turbo C++ for Windows, and Turbo Delphi and Turbo C# for .NET. There are over 200 components for building programs, but the abundance of features may be overwhelming to new users.
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Rapid Application Development
by REM2000 on Tue 5th Sep 2006 21:59 UTC
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There has never been a RAD development which has come close to Delphi. It's a very powerful development environment, which can produce the fastest win32 executables.

Ive used visual studio and a few other IDE's (including xcode) and for me personally i still think that the delphi ide allows me to produce applications quicker.

Im very pleased that Delphi has come back to the development market, in the same grass roots approach as it's forerunners (turbo pascal and delphi 1 - 3). The org delphi's were very powerful, well made and a pleasure to use. It was only in the later versions things started coming apart.

Borland to Inprise created buggy IDE's (delphi 4), the last stable version i used was 6, i just couldn't use any higher 7 - 2005, it was this period which gave delphi a bad name, pushed the remaining developers into the arms of Microsoft with Visual Studio.

I have high hopes that these Turbo Tools will attract student's and hobbyist's as new users, but also i hope they pull over a few of the switchers from VS back to delphi (i know this will be the case if any VS dev's are creating Win32 apps, i don't think it will pull any dev's working on .net or web projects).

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