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Games A new company called AIseek announced what it describes as the world's first dedicated processor for artificial intelligence. Called the Intia Processor, the AI chip would work in conjunction with optimized titles to improve nonplayer character AI. Similar to the way in which physics accelerators can make a game's environment look much more realistic, Intia would make the NPCs act more true to life. There goes yet another PCI slot.
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money for old rope
by REM2000 on Tue 5th Sep 2006 22:12 UTC
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just like the physic's card before it, the technology will either be swallowed up and put into the GPU or into directX (or some other software layer).

Thats not to say that the technology is boring, as modern games are becoming very complex and certain features are now becoming a standard with games without them being frowned upon. For example any modern FPS without Rag doll physic's is seen as missing a large important feature.

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