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General Development With the free Turbo Explorer line, Borland brings programming to the masses. Each of the four Turbo Explorer 'personalities' targets a different combination of programming language and platform: Turbo Delphi and Turbo C++ for Windows, and Turbo Delphi and Turbo C# for .NET. There are over 200 components for building programs, but the abundance of features may be overwhelming to new users.
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None of the other solutions mentioned in the comments even come close to Delphi in terms of productivity and ease of use, not even VS 2005 is as easy to use or productive as even Delphi 5 which is 7 years old.
Delphi also blows VS away when it comes to database application development, you can write full featured database apps in Delphi with very little code, while in VS you have to write tons and tons of code. Another area where Delphi shines is 3rd party library/component support, go to sourceforge once and do a search on Delphi and see how many hits you get, it's impressive :-)
It's just a shame so many IT managers simply follow the MS bandwagon without ever realizing Delphi is the best.

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