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Internet Explorer Microsoft researchers are experimenting with an automatic code zapper for the company's Internet Explorer Web browser. Researchers at the company have completed work on a prototype framework called BrowserShield that promises to allow IE to intercept and remove, on the fly, malicious code hidden on Web pages, instead showing users safe equivalents of those pages.
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"NotParker" says:

"Users of the Firefox browser should be aware of their script settings when surfing the internet. Firefox extensions like 'Noscript,' which bars malacious Javascript from executing, are a wise idea. They help ensure that the browser offers as small of a target as possible to malware authors, claims an article in PC Professionell magazine.

The report in the Munich-based magazine notes that malware authors are increasingly occupying themselves with the alternative browser. This includes spam mails that attack vulnerabilities in Firefox. These messages attempt to lure the user into clicking on a web address that contains specific Javascripts. If the site recognizes Firefox as the visiting browser, then the scripts attempt to exploit an older security hole in the browser, for which a patch has now been released, to smuggle malware or spyware onto the computer."

LOL! This has already been fixed!

Mission to undermine Firefox has failed.
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