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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "So most of us have read review after review on just how fantastic Ubuntu is. And you know something, they're right - this really is a fantastic Linux distribution for the newer Linux enthusiast. But there often times appear to be some confusion as to accomplishing tasks they once would do in Windows pretty easily. On the whole, the confusion stems from hardware compatibly issues and today we are going to look into resolving those issues with ease." Don't look at me concerning that weird sentence. I have no idea how to make it grammatically correct.
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Hardware compatibility?
by WereCatf on Wed 6th Sep 2006 10:26 UTC
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This was pretty much a useless article. All the author suggests is buy new hardware that is Linux compatible. But what if you've got everything you need already, but want it to work in Ubuntu (or any other Linux distro for that matter)?

As for the other things, like camera being discovered automatically or such, it's got nothing to do with hardware compatibility really, and other distros do that too. Even my hand-crafted Gentoo LiveCD does that.

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