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Intel Intel announced plans Tuesday to lay off thousands of workers over the next year after a strategic review designed to prepare the company for life with a smaller share of the chip market. The layoffs primarily hit the marketing and information technology departments. The company said it will have 10500 fewer employees by the middle of 2007, as compared to its headcount at the end of this year's 2nd quarter.
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But AMD is just a gnat
by griffinme on Wed 6th Sep 2006 13:41 UTC
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Right here on I believe this very forum several years ago people were talking about how AMD was just a bunch of wannabes, just a gnat in the world of chips that could be swatted away whenever Intel wanted to. Intel just allowed them to survive because they didn't want to get into trouble for being a monopoly. Besides they just were the low end chips. "I have seen chips that Intel is holding back that would blow your mind. They can release them whenever they want and crush AMD." I think that was one of my favorite quotes.

Another player that has been stealing market share is Texas Instruments. Yes, that has been, has managed to completely crush Intel in the mobile market and small gadgets. While that may not seem important their CEO had an interesting quote. "We are not after the pricey PC CPU. We are after the little chips. Your typical young adult now has 5 of these little chips on them." Not such a bad market after all.

Here is an economic lesson for you. Once upon a time US Steel completely dominated the steel industry. They decided that making rebar was not worth doing and pretty much ceded the market to several small companies. The small companies worked like mad to be able to make rebar efficiently. Eventually they did. Then they moved on to doing other things. By the time US Steel saw the threat they were behind the curve and the small efficient companies managed to steal a large chunk of the market before they got their act together.

Someday the same thing will happen to MS. They have the biggest pie and are the biggest target. A host of companies from small mom and pop shops to mighty IBM are after their lunch. Someone will take it.

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