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Windows Microsoft announced on Tuesday US prices for Windows Vista, the long-awaited new version of the operating system that sits on more than 90 percent of the world's personal computers. The software maker set the retail price for Vista at between USD 100 and USD 259 for users upgrading from older versions of Windows. The prices range from the basic version of Vista to the top-end 'ultimate' edition. For consumers looking to buy Vista without an upgrade, the products will cost between USD 199 to USD 399, Microsoft said.
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""Thats not a lie , thats the truth , most people put it behind Apple and in the low one digit , when its globally at 29%.

Apple as only one platform , the Apple hardware , thats why they get so low numbers ( Dell offered to ship Mac OS X on its hardware , but they said no ) , a lot of GNU/Linux user Dual and tripple boot ( we have a good majority that like Apple hardware ( 30% ) of the Apple user are GNU/Linux users ). ""

Can you prove to me that these numbers are true?

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