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Apple Apple has quietly updated its Macintosh product line today. The iMac line is now all Merom (Core 2 Duo) based, and a new 24" model has been introduced. The iMac line now starts at USD 999 or EUR 999.01 (the cent does it) for the 17" model. The Mac Mini line receives a processor upgrade, but prices remain the same.
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RE[6]: USD vs. EUR
by MattPie on Wed 6th Sep 2006 18:34 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: USD vs. EUR"
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So, we Dutch pay 75 USD more (+7.5%), which is a lot, but a lot more acceptable than it used to be. Apple is going the in right direction with this, probably taking the criticism they received about this to heart.

If I buy a $999 imac in most of New York State (US), add the 8% State Tax, my Bill would be roughly US$1079, so you're US$4 ahead. Counties (sub portions of states) can have different taxes. In Buffalo NY (Erie County), for instance, there's a .75% county tax in addition to the 8% State tax. In other states (Delaware, for example), there's no state or local sales tax at all. This is why US Prices are always listed without tax added.

Even more complicated, in some cases essential food items (rice, bread, milk) will not have sales tax applied, while other food (candy, soda-pop, etc) will. Unless it's "tax-free" week in which the state declares there is no sales tax. The state will do this every so often to get people to buy stuff. (This is all New York stuff, since it's what I'm familar with. The other states I've lived in (PA, MD) seem to stick with a fairly flat rate or 5%.)

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