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Linux "Is Michael Robertson afraid of anything? The entrepreneur has a made a career - and a fortune - playing rough with giants. Now, though, he's turning up the volume: predicting an end to Apple's hold on digital music, shaking up the Linux community by looking to marry open source smarts with proprietary know-how, and talking trash about Microsoft's new Zune. Pay attention, because this is a guy who finds a way to win every time he mixes it up."
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I can't help thinking it's because vendors don't want to be locked in with what some (including me) consider a horrifically viral license.

If it was under the BSD license, I'm sure we'd see more of it.

"Apple makes the best MP3 player today."

I beg to differ on that point for sure. They penetrate the market-- That doesn't make them the best. By that train of thought Windows is the best operating system and Dell make the best PCs.

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