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Gnome The GNOME team has released version 2.16 of its desktop environment. The release notes detail many improvements in this new version. Ars reviews this new release (ok, a pre-release), and concludes: "Overall, I think that GNOME 2.16 is a good release with some nice additions, but I don't think it has any killer features that justify an immediate upgrade. I'm going to wait for the official Ubuntu Edgy release in October rather than upgrading early. Of the new features included in GNOME 2.16, I think that the vertical view mode for Evolution is probably the one that will benefit me the most." Update: On a related note, Monodevelop 0.12 is out, with lots of changes in it.
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One problem
by youknowmewell on Thu 7th Sep 2006 00:31 UTC
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I don't know much about 2.16, but the one thing I do know is that they changed the Clearlooks engine and got rid of the colored scroll-bar. That sucks for people like me that use dark themes and need the scroll-bar to be lit up like a light-bulb to be able to see it. Hopefully this change is actually just a theme setting (not an engine setting) and therefore can be changed. If not, I'll have to switch to Murrine and cook up my own theme for it.

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