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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Mark Shuttleworth and Canonical Ltd, founders of the popular Ubuntu Linux-based operating system, have today announced the creation of The Ubuntu Foundation with an initial funding commitment of US$10m. The Ubuntu Foundation will employ core Ubuntu community members to ensure that Ubuntu will remain fully supported for an extended period of time.
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RE[2]: Ubuntu - not the best.
by historyb on Sat 9th Jul 2005 00:16 UTC
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Hey your starting the flame fest here. Not me. For all its worth ubuntu is no better than Mandrake, Fedora, or Gentoo all of them you have to fix to before you can use it.

Mepis, Lycoris, Linspire, PCLinuxOS all these can be used from the get go. That's why I don't understand why ubuntu has become the darling of Linux. There's linux distro's out there that are far better.

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