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Syllable, AtheOS Syllable 0.6.1 is the latest incarnation of the operating system that "will be a reliable and easy-to-use GPLed operating system for the home and small office user" as their website states. That's quite a noble cause most other alternative operating systems never claim to be able to market to non-technical audience one day. Even getting Syllable up and running is pretty easy: fully-working VMWare images and a LiveCD images are provided for free download. Apparently, Danes are the primary downloader of the Syllable LiveCD, given the primary language in which the LiveCD page is by default.
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RE: re. Haiku
by Jack Burton on Fri 8th Sep 2006 10:07 UTC in reply to "re. Haiku"
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"Another difference between the two camps is that the Syllable folks seem to be mostly concerned with hacking, coding, and programming. And also software development too. Contrast that with the Haiku folks, who probably have enough marketing people to challenge their website development team to a basketball game at their public relations campus. ;) "

That's interesting... How did you get to that conclusion ? we just created a "MarCom" team like... a month ago or so, in response of a growing need, that means we basically didnt' have ANY marketing people before then (5 years now).
I can't see how we haven't been concerned with "hacking, coding, and programming", since we also started from scratch, not even having a code base (unlike Syllable, which started with AtheOS, which was already a working and full fledged OS).

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