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RISC OS "The new Acorn Computers Limited have sneaked the first details of their range of notebooks onto their website. The new Nottingham-based company will be assembling notebooks locally using current Intel and AMD x86 mobile processors. The notebooks are said to be designed with close co-operation from nVidia, ATi and Microsoft." Ok, so they have no relationship whatsoever with the original Acorn machines, but seriously, now you can outshine Apple's glowing logo with a much cooler one.
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RE: Buy British
by Luke McCarthy on Fri 8th Sep 2006 13:03 UTC in reply to "Buy British"
Luke McCarthy
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Assembled in Britain maybe, but most of the components will be made somewhere in Asia. This country like many others have abandoned the manufacturing industries and it will be our undoing.

If they made an affordable, lightweight, long battery life, ARM-based (e.g. Cortex) laptop with a decent keyboard and wifi chip supported by vanilla linux/freebsd, then they might have had some credibility with me. I know this is only fantasy though...

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