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Windows Microsoft on Monday signed off on the Windows Vista SDK, or software development kit, which will enable developers to create applications for the next-generation Windows release. The SDK, complete with code samples, tools and documentation will be available via MSDN and distributed at next month's PDC conference in LA. In addition, Microsoft has finally released an updated version of Messenger:Mac, bringing it up to par with its Windows brother.
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RE: New Messenger... Yay...
by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 9th Aug 2005 18:47 UTC in reply to "New Messenger... Yay..."
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I think most Mac people use Adium ( ) for the IM needs.

Yes, I prefer Adium too; however, it does not support ie. custom emoticons, and I really miss that when using it. Not nescesarily because I use them, but because my female friends do. I prefer to see the real emoticon instead of "(kizz)" ;) .

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