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Multimedia, AV How many times has this happened to you? You're rocking out to the latest ditty on your iPod, rocking so hard you could be one of those black silhouette people from the Apple commercials, when you feel that pressure in your bowels, and you know you've got to go. You're faced with a terrible dilemma: either endure some quiet moments alone, or risk an international terrorist incident by dropping your iPod into the toilet. Well, your long nightmare is finally over.
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the end
by bolomkxxviii on Fri 8th Sep 2006 15:23 UTC
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It seems to me that everybody jumps onboard a technology or product just before it becomes irrelevant. You see all this silliness just before the end. With the hardware to play MP3s becoming dirt cheap I expect every electronic product will play them. Maybe that will help us get a single flash memory type. Players will be everywhere, all you will need is to bring the music.

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