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Benchmarks "Oh sure, the following tests aren't as scientific as putting all the browsers in a ring and seeing which one is left standing after the fight, but it's close." More here.
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RE: Opera's real speed advantage
by KenJackson on Fri 8th Sep 2006 20:31 UTC in reply to "Opera's real speed advantage"
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In Opera I tend to keep interesting pages open rather bookmarking and closing them, and often open a large number of pages...

I do that with Firefox. I often have ten pages open for a couple weeks. Some of them are articles I think I will eventually read (but don't). But the problem with Firefox is that it tends to accumulate zombies, which consumes resources and slows me down.

Back when I was using Windows on a regular basis, I really loved Opera because it was a speed demon compared to anything I had ever seen. Especially the back button! If I remember, when I close all my browsers, I'll use Opera next time.

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